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实验室基本套件 实验室基本套件
  • 用于补充实验室耗材
  • 附带工具,清洁用品,以及安装组件
  • 可选英制和公制组件
实验室入门套件 实验室入门套件
  • 非常适用于刚起步的新实验室
  • 包含255种独立部件
  • 光学件,光学机械件,清洗用品,工具,以及其他
  • 提供英制和公制的安装版本
天蝎座(Scorpii™) Nd:YAG 扩束镜套件
TECHSPEC® 组件由爱特蒙特光学设计、规定或生产。 了解更多
天蝎座(Scorpii™) Nd:YAG 扩束镜套件
  • Nd:YAG 激光波长增透膜:355nm、532nm 和 1064nm
  • 套件包括从2X到10X 5种逐级放大倍率
  • 经济实惠的原型设计解决方案

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Lab Kits are ideal for new or existing laboratories. Lab Kits include an array of products consisting of optical components, optomechanics, cleaning supplies, light sources, and general tools. The components of each kit are designed to supply a lab with commonly consumed items and also provide the foundation for new labs of many application spaces. Lab Kits are a convenient means of purchasing a multitude of product types, as opposed to purchasing each individually.

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