Distortion Test Targets


同心方形测试片 同心方形测试片
  • 可用于标定测试软件
  • 附带NIST精度可追踪查询
  • 正方形从1mm到50mm
棋盘格校准目标板 棋盘格校准目标板
  • 尺寸稳定的玻璃基片上的铬图案
  • 经优化适用于成像系统的反射照明校准
  • 从 20mm 起的各种尺寸适用于较大和较小视场
漫反射栅格畸变测试板 漫反射栅格畸变测试板
  • 漫反射处理模仿陶瓷测试板
  • 在基板材料上镀铬膜
  • 轴上照明或轴外照明都没有眩光效应
  • 非常适合前置照明测试
固定频率栅格畸变测试卡 固定频率栅格畸变测试卡
  • 可选新尺寸
  • 可计算成像系统的畸变
  • 本产品的精度通过NIST认证
线格板 线格板
  • 测试校正视觉系统的畸变
  • 校正显微镜载物台的透视错误
  • 测量物理视场
USAF 1951以及圆点栅格图板 USAF 1951以及圆点栅格图板
  • USAF 1951 0到 3 号图案规格(14 lp/mm)
  • 在2mm中心处为固定频率
  • 尺寸规格为2”x 2.75”

Distortion Test Targets are used to measure the level of image distortion within an imaging system for a wide variety of imaging applications. Distortion Test Targets are optical tools that are inserted into an imaging or optical system for measurement, analysis, or calibration. Distortion Test Targets are viewed through an imaging lens in order to identify the distortion error inherent within the lens. Distortion Test Targets feature a selection of precise shapes, lines, or dots that an imaging system focuses on to determine the accuracy of a system.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Distortion Test Targets in a variety of patterns that are suited for many image measurement needs. Distortion Test Targets offer the benefit of increased functionality as well as longer lifespan by allowing imaging systems to be repeatedly measured for continued accuracy over multiple uses. Many Distortion Test Targets are available on opal or chrome for different compatibility needs.