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Bandpass Filter Selection Table

Bandwidth Bandwidth is the spectral range over which an optical filter will transmit illumination. Narrow bandwidth filters (<20nm) are typically used in elemental and chemical analysis applications, analytical instrumentation, and laser line clean up. Broad bandwidths (>20nm) are commonly used in imaging applications, including fluorescence microscopy, machine vision, and factory automation. Visit our application note on Optical Filters for more information.
Optical Density Optical Density describes the amount of energy blocked or rejected by a filter. A high optical density value indicates low transmission, and low optical density indicates high transmission. Optical densities of 6 or greater are used for creating high signal-to-noise in applications such as fluorescence microscopy. Optical densities of 3.0 – 4.0 are ideal for laser separation and clean-up, machine vision, and chemical detection, while optical densities of 2.0 or less are ideal for color sorting and separating spectral orders. Visit our application note on Optical Filters for more information.
  Broad Band for Fluorescence Imaging and Machine Vision Applications Narrow Band for
Chemical Analysis
or Laser Clean Up
Kits, Sets,
and Specialty
OD 6.0 Blocking (<0.0001% Transmission)
OD 6.0 Filters are fabricated utilizing advanced Hard Coating technologies including ion beam sputtering (IBS) and magnetron sputtering, guaranteeing high transmission, deep blocking, and extended lifetimes.
OD 4.0 Blocking (<0.01% Transmission)
OD 4.0 Filters are typically manufactured utilizing high volume Hard Coating technologies, guaranteeing high transmission, deep blocking, extended lifetimes, and generous volume discounts.
OD 2.0 Blocking (<1% Transmission)
OD 2.0 Filters are typically manufactured from traditional evaporative coating technologies, or absorptive colored glass, yielding cost effective filters.

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带通滤光片会选择性透射一部分的光谱,同时截止所有其他波长。 带通滤光片非常适合用于各种应用,例如荧光显微镜、光谱学、临床化学或成像。 这些带通滤光片一般用于生命科学、行业或研发行业。

爱特蒙特光学提供的各种带通滤光片备有多个带宽选项。 激光线滤光片一般采用波长范围介于2–5nm的窄带宽,以便应用于范围较窄的激光应用方面。 荧光滤光片一般采用波长范围介于20–70nm的宽带宽,这个精心设计的产品能够最大限度地提高激发带和发射带的能量。 爱特蒙特光学推出的10nm滤光片适合用于化学、环境或元件分析。 溅射硬镀膜滤波片具有高性能和耐久性,传统蒸镀的滤波片是对成本有敏感要求的选择。 传统镀膜蒸汽滤光片是一种低价替代品。 带通滤光片是一种对角度相当敏感的设备,因此,在将其安装或整合到光学系统时,应多加小心。

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