Light Meters


手持式Lux(勒克司)/Footcandle(尺烛光)光照度计 手持式Lux(勒克司)/Footcandle(尺烛光)光照度计
  • 通过NIST认证,可用NRC National 标准
  • 量程为0 – 400,000 Lux 和 0 - 40,000 FC ,两者可切换
  • 携带方便,内置电池
NIST认证的UV辐射计 NIST认证的UV辐射计
  • 设计用于探测波长介于250 – 380nm的UV光
  • NIST认证的传感器
  • 由9V电池供电,提供高达120小时的操作电力

Light Meters are used to measure the light output of an illumination source for a number of optical applications. Light Meters are measurement devices that feature photodiodes to determine the level of light transmitted from a source. Light Meters possess simple, easy to read screens upon which measurements are displayed in one or more photometric units. Most Light Meters possess traceable NIST certification for proof of accuracy.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Light Meters suited for many light measurement needs. Light Meters are available in a number of different effective ranges to provide customization options for various specific light applications. Light Meters offer the benefit of providing simple, easy-to-use measurement capabilities for an important light characteristic that is often not easily acquired. A selection of helpful accessories is also available for many Light Meters that add a number of additional features or capabilities for greater usability in a range of additional environments.