uScope Pro Microscopy Software

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#89-851 Pixelink μScope Professional Microscopy Software
Software Specifications μScope Pro
PixeLINK® API Control  
Line Profiling: Single, Multiple, Parallel and Polyline Commands Provide Gray/Red/Green/Blue Intensity Values for Specific Lines within an Image. The Profile Data of Each Pixel on the Line Can Be Exported to Microsoft® Excel®.  
Multiple Image File Formats: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, bmp, gif, pcx, tga, mpg, mpeg, avi, mov, img, rpt, txt  
Overlay: Crosshair, Grid Mask, Image, Marker  
Image: Mode Change, Clone, Crop, ROI, Resize, Rotate  
Zoom Control: 100 - 1600% and Fit to Window Options  
Annotation: Line, Arrow, Polyline, Spline, Rectangle, Ellipse, Text  
Image Sequence Control  
Image Editing: Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Paste New, Delete, Delete All, Annotate, Image Information  
Multiple Window Configurations  
Export to Excel®: Images with Measurement, Calibration, Annotations, Measurement Data, Statistics, and Chart  
Measurement Parameters: Area, Max Length, Line Length, Center x and y, Angle  
Live Measurement and Overlay: Perform Measurements on the Live Preview Image, Using the Crosshair or Grid Masks to Center and Count. The Grid Masks include Calibration Data.  
Dynamic User Interface  
Manual Calibration  
Report Generator: Create, Insert Images and OLE Objects  
Manual Measurement Tools: 3-Point Circle Functionality, npoint Circle Measurement Functionality, Parallel Line Distance Measurement, Perpendicular Distance Measurement and Object Distance Measurement, Zoom-In Window  
Time Lapse Capture and Movie File Production with Crosshair on Live Preview  
Calibration Marker (Scale Bar) Can Be Placed on the Live Preview Image and Burned in Automatically  
Multiple ROI: Shapes and Copy, Paste, Crop ROI  
Image Processing: manual brightness, contrast, gamma, background subtraction, histogram, clone, crop, ROI, resize, rotate, split, image mode change, grayscale, RGB, HSB, YUV pseudo color view  
Auto and Semi-Auto Calibration  
Profile: Straight line, Polyline, Parallel Line, Select and Change  
Image Stitching  
Z-axis Extended Focus Imaging with Displacement Compensation  
3D Visualization to Clearly View Complex Structures  
Auto Trace Using Automatic Edge Detection  
Fluorescent Image Composition  
Fast and Perfect Focus Enhancement  
Shading Correction  
Reflected Light Subtraction  


  • 分辨率高达20MP
  • 传感器尺寸从½" 到1.1"
  • 有直角外壳版本和裸板结构版本可以获得

PixeLINK® USB 3.0相机是高分辨率且高速的解决方案,适用于从生物识别到监控的各种应用。PixeLINK® USB 3.0相机具有高达20MP的分辨率、高达150fps的帧率以及适用于各种功率和高数据吞吐量的USB 3.0兼容性。直角外壳配置还具有GPIO,可启用触发以便于系统集成。这些USB 3.0相机还能与尺寸从½" 到1.1" 的传感器兼容,并且非常适合检查焊接和PCB以及平板显示器。