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TECHSPEC® 组件由爱特蒙特光学设计、规定或生产。 了解更多


#88-560, Right Angle Post Mount Assembly


#88-560, Right Angle Post Mount Assembly


  • 光学系统的基本构件
  • 用于安装12.7mm转12.7mm或12.7mm转12.0mm接杆的固定式接杆夹
  • 用于12.7mm转12.7mm接杆的可旋转式接杆夹
  • 铝制接口结构

This post clamp is used to mount two of our 0.5" stainless steel posts at 90° from each other. The posts are locked in place with two ¼-20 thumbscrews. The heavy duty design provides a stable, secure fit for tightly spaced systems. Anodized aluminum.

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