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KX InfiniMax™ 长工作距显微镜

#56-013 + #86-888

#56-013 + #86-888 #86-587 + #38-114 + #86-888 #86-587 + #85-402 + #86-888
  • 适用于新型的自动化版本
  • 手动 Iris
  • 物镜可选0.58X-2.9X
  • 提供¼-20装配孔夹钳
  • 可选或者LDL管双倍放大率

InfiniMax™ 可用在观测以及机器视觉方面,拥有完美的像质和可靠性。分辨率接近K2/S镜头,InfiniMax™与infinity的专利产品ConstantMag™版InfiniMax™ incorporates Infinity’s ConstantMag™ version of their patented, award-winning InFocus™ internal focusing system. ConstantMag initiates within the MX-2 Objective’s operating range and continues for use with all other interchangeable MXseries objectives.可变光圈可用来调节光强度和控制景深。LDL(lockable camera orientation)以及LFA适配器直接连接到后面C接口上,LFA与F接口可产生对角线为43mm的像面尺寸(35mm单反相机像面尺寸)。

注意:InfiniMax™ 镜头至少需要一个MX镜头,参见如下。

Motorized InfiniMax™ Main Body

The motorized InfiniMax® lens comes complete with encased focus DC Gear-motor with rubber o-ring belt drive and bracket, CE analog/RS-232 control unit, 10 ft. motor/controller cable, basic LabVIEW™ interface program, RS-232 cable, and CE universal power supply (110V and 220V operation) with removable US standard IEC power cord. The control unit allows the user to vary focus as well as the speed and direction at which focusing occurs. Speed can be run as slow as 10 seconds for precise focusing, or as fast as 1.5 seconds to cover the focus range. Direction switch can be jogged to obtain very precise focusing. Controller has no position feedback or home position inputs; it is designed to be used with a vision system that provides motion control to a static image scenario. It is ideal for applications where the distance to the area of interest can change. Controller is 3" H x 7" W x 5" D and weighs 2 lbs.

Note: The InfiniMax® requires the use of an MX objective below.



Objective MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-4 MX-5 MX-6
Primary Magnification 0.58 - 0.64X 0.78 - 0.81X 1.00X 1.16X 1.42X 2.90X
Field of View (½" Sensor Horiz.) 11.1 - 10.1mm 8.2 - 7.9mm 6.4mm 5.5mm 4.5mm 2.2mm
Working Distance 381 - 315mm 285 - 250mm 194 - 174mm 181 - 164mm 146 - 134mm 68 - 65mm
Size (Max Diameter x L) 52 x 32mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 64mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 26.2mm