KC VideoMax™ 长工作距显微镜

Model KC VideoMax shown w/ Optional Aux Lens

Model KC VideoMax shown w/ Optional Aux Lens Large Format Adapter IF-Series Objectives (photo shows IF-1,IF-2, IF-3, IF-3.5, and IF-4), all sold separately Motorized InFocus™ KC
  • 远距摄影、近距观察、显微等
  • 调焦范围可从无穷远到63mm
  • 可用到小视场和工作距离的镜头


可作为测量镜头,工作范围广,放大倍率高,适合非在线质量控制和在线检测,特别适合用在测量和瑕疵检查。LDL 和LFA 适配器螺纹可接C端口. 镜头可互换。

电动InFocus™ KC视频镜头


This microscope lens was designed as a gauging lens, with both large working distance and high magnification. Suitable for both off-line quality control and on-line inspection in production, especially for measurement and flaw inspection. LDL and LFA adapters thread onto C-Mount. LFA provides coverage for large format cameras (F-Mount adapter included, 24 x 36mm max sensor). Interchangeable objectives thread onto main body.

A fiber optic illuminator and a ring light guide are also recommended when using the IF4 objective. A coaxial attachment, #56-191 can be used for applications requiring coaxial illumination.

Motorized InFocus™ KC Video Lens

The motorized KC lens comes complete with encased focus DC Gear-motor with rubber o-ring belt drive and bracket, CE analog control unit, motor/controller cable, and CE universal power supply (110V and 220V operation). The control unit allows the user to vary focus as well as the speed and direction at which focusing occurs.


Objective IF1 IF2 IF3 IF3.5 IF4
Primary Magnification 0.36 - 0.75X 0.51 - 0.91X 0.80 - 1.28X 1.80 - 2.29X 2.29 - 2.98
Field of View (½" Sensor / Horiz.) 18 - 8mm 12.5 - 7mm 8 - 5mm 3.55 - 2.8mm 2.8 - 2.15mm
Working Distance (mm) 490 - 272 343 - 220 213 - 156 100 - 83 73 - 63

Note: Main body is required for these objectives.