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高透射率线性偏振膜 (XP44-40)

High Transmission Linear Polarizing Film (XP44-40)

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TECHSPEC® 高透射率线性偏振膜 (XP44-40) 已进行优化,可在 400-700nm 范围内提供聚合物膜偏振片可能最高的光线透射率。该线性偏振膜对可见光谱还具有超过>99.95%的出众偏振效率。可将聚合物膜片切成定制尺寸或进行层压以提高稳定性,以满足应用需求。TECHSPEC 高透射率线性偏振膜非常适用于需要线性偏振且需要具有最大透射率的应用,包括机器视觉或照明应用。

Immediate Custom Quotes Available

If you have a need for any round, square, or rectangular size of a TECHSPEC High Transmission Linear Polarizing Film (XP44-40) in dimensions between 3mm and 600mm, please visit our Polarizing Film Tool.  We’ll provide an immediate quote, and can deliver the part to your requested size in approximately 3 weeks.  A full list of standard manufacturing tolerances and restrictions are listed.  For fully customized polymer polarizers to your requirements, visit our Customized Polymer Polarizers Capabilities page.