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Olympus U-SPT 光电管-底夹

产品编码 #58-382 Clearance
RMB 983.10
数量 1+
RMB 983.10




  • 适用于各种显微镜
  • 高分辨率,聚焦精度高
  • 可接各种倍率
  • 可互换,可与各种显微镜共享相机和耦合件

高分辨率C接口耦合系统可接大多数显微镜,通过简单的旋转就可同步调焦目镜和视频监视器。主镜/连接器包括一个中继镜来投射显微镜中间图象到相机的CCD芯片上。可选多种倍率和视场来匹配CCD尺寸(1/3", ½", 2/3", 1").各种不同的底座能够与连接器和显微镜连用。1.0X连接器有着很高的分辨率,可与数码相机配套使用。




Note: Match video coupler from the first table with desired camera format, then match appropriate bottom clamp from the second table with your microscope; both parts are required to make a full system.

This table shows the effects of using various magnification couplers with different sensor formats. Lower magnification equals a larger field of view. Lower magnifications do not work well with larger sensor format sizes.

Stock No. Coupler Magnification 1/3" Format ½" Format 2/3" Format 1" Format
#58-376 0.50X Magnification Widest FOV Widest FOV N/A N/A
#58-377 0.67X Magnification Higher Mag. Higher Mag. Widest FOV N/A
#58-378 1.00X Magnification Highest Mag. Highest Mag. Higher Mag. Widest FOV
Bottom Clamp Selections for Specific Microscope Models
A) Fits all LEICA scopes with 37mm ID photoports, as well as the LEICA DMR, DMLS, DMLB and DMIRB. #58-379
B) Fits all 38mm ID photoports from LEICA, LEITZ, NIKON and WILD. Scopes do not include phototube, just a photoport or a removable phototube. #58-380
C) Fits all NIKON scopes with phototubes (scopes with non removable/permanently affixed phototubes). #58-381
D) Fits OLYMPUS scopes with U-SPT phototubes (standard trinocular phototubes on older scopes). #58-382
E) Fits OLYMPUS BX and AX Provis series without U-SPT phototube. Scope does not include phototube, just a photoport or a removable phototube. #58-383
F) Fits OLYMPUS and ZEISS scopes with standard 25mm outer diameter phototubes. #58-384
G) Fits ZEISS: Axiolab, Axiotech, Axioplan-2 and Axiophot-2. If using standard trinocular photoport, fits AXIOVERT: 100, 135, 135M and 1M series. Also fits ZEISS: SV6, SV11, Stemi 2000-C and Stemi DRC. #58-385

Note: The difference between a photoport and a phototube is that the photoport is the physical opening in a microscope into which a phototube is placed. Some phototubes are not removable.

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