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Patrick McKenna

As a machine vision specialist, I often get presented with problems that are basically ‘How do I get my camera to see what my eye sees?’ It seems like such a simple task – replicating something that our brain does without thought – but each case offers a unique set of circumstance that needs to be understood and overcome. Working through the variables of lenses, illumination, cameras, and software is a learning experience each time. And I love the challenge to find the right solution for our customers.Right Quotation Mark

Patrick McKenna is a Machine Vision Solution Engineer at Edmund Optics’ Barrington, NJ, USA office. He is responsible for evaluating optics at the system and component level and developing the methods and apparatus for doing so. He received his A.As. from Camden County College with a certification in photonics.


Published Materials

  • 11/2010 – "Expanding Microscopy Vision Capabilities with Multiple Views" by Patrick McKenna - Nasa Tech Briefs

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